Polypipe is a market leading push fit pipe system from the UK.

Polypipe choose polybutylene to create the most flexible and efficient pipes and jointing systems available. Polybutylene pipe is ideal for heating systems, offering exceptional durability and long-term performance, which has seen it become the preferred material choice for today’s building projects.

The most important characteristic of polybutylene is its natural flexibility, allowing you to bend the pipe into even the tightest of spaces. Polybutylene is the most malleable plastic used in the manufacture of piping systems.

Polybutylene pipe has good resistance to freezing temperatures, maintaining long-term durability in heating and water applications.

This, combined with the pipe’s elasticity, means that a burst pipe is less likely in freezing temperatures.

The PolyFit system offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Ideal for Retro-fit systems
  • No more dragging heavy pressing equipment under the house
  • One step operation, for quick and easy installation without tools
  • Flexible polybutylene pipe, for even the most difficult locations
  • Fittings lock tight, preventing accidental release
  • Fully demountable and re-usable when required