FIV PRESS Fittings

  1. Brass body (nickel plated only on surfaces not in contact with carried fluids) Female – Male connection Thread
  2. Bush holder ring nut
  3. Bush
  4. Double O-Ring

The FIVPRESS fittings allow quick, sure joining of the pipe and fitting by using a specific tool to press on the steel bush. The special profile of the fitting and the use of a double o-ring ensure perfect, long-lasting hydraulic and mechanical seal.

Constructional Details

The stainless steel bush is mounted on the fitting by means of a polyamide ring nut with windows. This performs the following tasks:

  • it allows you to check that the pipe is correctly positioned with the pipe (thanks to the windows)
  • it guides the princess correctly around the bush
  • it insulates the pipe from the brass of the fitting, preventing corrosion due to differences in electrical potential.