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With the most popular heating in the world -
Hydronic Radiator and Underfloor Central Heating

Hydronic Central Heating

Central Heating New Zealand
Feels like the summer sun
on a cold winter’s day

Fill your entire home with luxurious radiant warmth thanks to our first-class radiator central heating or hydronic underfloor heating. It’s like having a fireplace in every room without the work.

Central Heating New Zealand
Enjoy a happier and healthier life

Living in a toasty warm home improves your health and happiness so you feel better every day. Join our growing list of customers who tell us Belle Comfort heating has transformed their lives.

Central Heating New Zealand
Experience affordable
luxury and a life of ease

Relax in unparalleled comfort with hydronic heating that is completely draught free, silent and effortless with full automation and control. Enjoy the lifelong benefits of this most efficient, reliable, and cost effective heating solution for your home.

Discover Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating uses warm water to distribute the heat throughout your home.
This can be done using modern radiators or underfloor heating or a combination of both.

Radiator Central Heating

Reap the benefits immediately with classic or modern radiators. Love the fast heat up and ease of installation of radiators into old and new homes.

Underfloor Central Heating

Experience even, unobtrusive heat throughout your home and luxurious warmth underfoot. Choose from our efficient and eco-friendly underfloor heating options.

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About Us

About Belle Comfort Solutions

Belle Comfort Solutions helps New Zealanders have the most comfortable and warm home they have ever lived in. Our family business is dedicated to providing the highest quality central heating as well as five-star customer service. Your reliable heating systems are sourced from Europe and come in a number of options to suit your home and your lifestyle.

We’re the ones to talk to about the best options for beautiful, perfectly comfortable heating and we will share our expert advice and recommendations.

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What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is sometimes called warm water central heating as it uses warm water to gently and evenly deliver heat throughout your home. Water transfers heat at four times the rate as air and when you combine this with an air to water heat pump delivering 4kw of heat for energy for each 1 kw of electricity used you have efficiency like no other. The underfloor heating as shown radiates heat from the entire floor, providing heat where it feels best.

heating systems New Zealand
Central Heating New Zealand
Why Choose Us

Why Belle Comfort?

Belle Comfort Solutions has partnered with top European brands to bring world leading technology to New Zealand homes. We are affordable and cost effective. Although you get what you pay for, this doesn’t have to cost the earth. We’re all about doing this effectively, not expensively. Radiator central heating is perfect for old villas, off grid eco homes as well as for family and retirement new builds and renovations. Hydronic underfloor heating brings luxury to new your new dream home while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

“Investing in good quality, energy efficient hydronic heating for our older-style home was the best decision we ever made. We love waking up and coming home to a warm, toasty house, with no cold spots, no condensation and no dampness. It’s been life-changing for our family.”

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