Radiator Valves New Zealand

Radiator Valves

Choose from a wide range of radiator and towel rail valves to suit your preference or budget. These range from functional white styles to stunning black and chrome solid brass radiator valves.
Belle Comfort Solutions stocks only the highest quality radiator valves and fittings from Europe and the UK.

Pegler Radiator Valves
Pegler Terrier is the UK’s market leading brand of radiator valves, with a pedigree which is second to none. Highly trusted and respected, the comprehensive range of design led products offers superior quality throughout, and excellent value for money. Pegler Terrier products are designed for ease of use and have bi-directional flow capacity. Use with 15mm or 10mm Polypipe or copper pipe or with adaptors for 16mm pipe.

FIV Radiator Valves
The FIV range is manufactured in Italy on a highly automated production system. Full range from simple manual valves to thermostatic.

TRV Heads
TRV heads are set to control the temperature of individual radiators and rooms. Energy savings of up to 40% can result.

Choose from standard or premium styles designed to fit directly onto the thermostatic inserts that come included in our radiators. Chrome Radiator Valves Chrome radiator valves are used with chrome towel rails or anywhere a bit of extra panache is required. Great selection of chrome thermostatic valves, manual valves, TRVs and double angled valves. The double angled valves are especially good for towel rail installation. Some minimalist styles of chrome radiator valves also go well with our modern lined flat panel radiators

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