Radiator Retrofit in Hastings Home

Case Study Radiator Retrofit in Hastings Home

A complete renovation of this late 1990’s home proved the perfect time to address heating issues faced in the past.
The problems
Typical of its age, a heat pump/air-conditioning unit in the living area was the sole heat source. As the occupants aged – this was no longer an adequate solution. While the room stayed warm at head height, the heat pump created down drafts for anyone seated, and they were forced to rug up with extra heaters at their feet as well. There were electric heaters in each of the bedrooms as well as the heat pump didn’t deliver adequate heat to the adjacent rooms even though it was small house.
The home owners didn’t want to go back to a fireplace, with its issues of fetching wood on cold winter nights, ash and mess, as well as the space it would take up in their living area.
What was needed
A heating system to warm the living room fully and most importantly while seated.
Maintain an optimal temperature at all times.
Easy to operate, safe and silent – with no draughts.
Heat in every room.
An economical way to keep the entire house warm day and night.
Something attractive that added value to the home.
The solution
Belle Comfort Solutions arranged the installation of slim classic radiators throughout the house.
An Italian Sime gas boiler in the garage hums away to heat water and warm the radiators.
A thermostat controls the whole house to maintain a desired temperature. Individual radiators also have controls to regulate each room.
In the ensuite a chrome hydronic heated towel rail provides extra heat in the room while warming and drying towels.
Winter temperatures are no longer an issue in the home, which stays beautifully warm. Cold snaps in autumn and spring are not be a problem either as the system can easily be turned on and heats up quickly.

Post script. The house has since been sold to a new owner who has just retired. He was very pleased to find a home with a radiator central heating system. The previous owners had a high level of interest in this home and feel the Belle Comfort central heating definitely helped with the sale.

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