Wireless 230v 8 Zone Wiring Centre

The Heatmiser UH8-RF is designed to be used in conjunction with our wireless thermostats. The UH8-RF provides central switching and is therefore ideally situated next to the underfloor heating manifold. Eight zones can be controlled as well as providing an output for a hot water cylinder.

On demand from any zone, a 230v output is provided to switch the relevant zone actuators, underfloor heating pump and valve. A volt free connection is supplied for the boiler, making it compatible with almost all types of boilers.

Up to 6 actuators can be connected to each zone. A software option in our wireless thermostats allows you to configure which zones are underfloor heating and which are radiators. The RF Switch can be paired to the UH8-RF in order to offer a wireless boiler link.

Categories: Wiring & Connection Centres