Insulation ST Tube Ø28×36 lengths

Size – 28x13mmx36

Kflex elastomeric foam insulation has many advantages over other products.

  • Kflex ST has a very low Thermal Conductivity factor of 0.033 W/mk at 0C
  • Kflex ST is closed cell insulation which has  great thermal properties for better energy savings
  • Closed cells also  promote inhibition of bacterial growth and it’s extreme cleanliness  leaves no residues
  • Highly resistant to the passage of water vapour giving greater consistency of performance over time
  • Ease of use due to flexibility and flexibility helps save installation time
  • Self-extinguishing  in case of fire
  • Non-toxic product releasing no harmful substances into the air.
  • Ideal for hospitals, schools, commercial buildings  as well as residences
  • With a temperature range of -165C to +110C  Kflex St can be used in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Cooling, Industrial as well as Heating uses.
SKU: ST13028
Categories: 13mm Wall Thickness, Pipe Insulation