Insulation ST Tube Ø28x19mm x 15 Lengths

Size – 28x19mmx24

The thicker the wall thickness the less the heat loss from your pipes.

Kflex 19mm wall thickness provides a greater level of protection for those wanting to “up their game”

Upgrading your primary pipe insulation on a radiator retrofit to 19mm will increase your R values and is an option for even greener living.

Especially good in colder regions of New Zealand.

Essential if running pipes underground to prevent water from freezing

Kflex elastomeric foam insulation has many advantages over other products.

  • Kflex ST is closed cell insulation which has  great thermal properties for better energy savings
  • Closed cells also  promote inhibition of bacterial growth and it’s extreme cleanliness  leaves no residues
  • Highly resistant to the passage of water vapour giving greater consistency of performance over time
  • Ease of use due to flexibility and flexibility helps save installation time
  • Self-extinguishing  in case of fire
  • Non-toxic product releasing no harmful substances into the air.
  • Ideal for hospitals, schools, commercial buildings  as well as residences
  • With a temperature range of -165C to +110C  Kflex St can be used in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Cooling, Industrial as well as Heating uses.
SKU: ST19028
Categories: 19mm Wall Thickness, Pipe Insulation